Creating Your Account

Overview: The first thing you should do after downloading the app is create an account. Requiring every member of the community to create an account helps us ensure that only teachers and people who work with teachers can enter the community.

Some of the information you enter as you create your account will be visible to the rest of the community, for example, what grades and subjects you teach. This information helps other teachers get to know you.


  1. When you first open the TeachersConnect app you should see a green ‘create account’ button. Press it.
  2. Press one of the three buttons to indicate if you are a teacher, in training to become a teacher, or involved in education another way. If you have any questions about which to press click the grey ‘? icon’ to learn more.
  3. You will see a brief explanation of why we need you to answer a few questions. Click Next.
  4. Fill out your Name, Email, and Password. Nobody else in the community will be able to see your email or password. Clicking the ‘? icon’ will bring up an explanation of why we need your email address. Click Next.
  5. Answer each of the following questions by typing or selecting your answer. Once you select an answer you will need to press the ‘select’ button in the top right corner.
  6. When you finish answering the questions you will have the option of choosing a profile picture. Other teachers are more likely to trust you and collaborate with you if you have a professional looking photo. Select one or press skip in the top right corner.
  7. The last step is to review “Your profile”. This screen shows your profile exactly as it will appear to other community members. Review it and add any additional information you want to share with other members of the community. Then press finish!
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