Navigating TeachersConnect

Feed: Browse and search posts, questions, ideas, and stories from any teacher on TeachersConnect in this feed. Click on cards to see them in full view, where you can view and create comments and answers. Tap “Helpful” and “Me Too” (see below) to react to posts, questions, and comments. Control what content you see by adding interests (see below) when you tap the Interests button. Any posts and questions you create will be posted here.

Top Navigation Bar: Click the TeachersConnect logo to return to the feed. Type a search in the search box to search for anything on TeachersConnect (posts, questions, and teachers).

Personal Navigation Bar: This bar houses all of your personal content. You may access your profile and teacher preparation program, as well as complete actions like creating a post, asking a question, and logging out.

Create New Post: Share an idea, resource, lesson, or story with all teachers on TeachersConnect (this will be posted in the feed). They will be able to see your post in the feed and start a conversation by commenting on what you share. Attach up to 4 photos to your post.

Ask a Question: Share a teaching question with all teachers on TeachersConnect (this will be posted in the feed). Use the Anonymous switch to maintain your privacy when asking sensitive questions (your posted question will not show your name or profile picture, see below for more information). Attach up to 4 photos or 1 video to your question. Shorter questions are more likely to be read.

Profile: View your posts and teacher responses.

Helpful Button: Click to let a teacher know you think their post, comment, or answer was helpful.

Me Too Button: Click to let a teacher know you feel the same way or have the same questions as them.

Answer Button: Click to type an answer to a teacher’s question.

Attachments Button: Click this while creating a post, question, or comment to add photos or videos.

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